Nashville Fine Rugs: Handmade, Fine, Oriental Rugs & Services

At Nashville Fine Rugs, we take immense pride in our family-owned and operated business, where we are now in the third generation of rug enthusiasts. Growing up in this trade, our founder Omid Soltani learned firsthand the value of quality, craftsmanship, and the importance of upholding the family’s esteemed reputation.

Originating in Iran and with an established presence in Europe, our family ventured to the United States over thirty-five years ago, bringing with us the finest collection of rare and exceptional rugs to the Southern States. We feel honored to partake in this tradition, providing our discerning clientele with works of unparalleled beauty - the hand-knotted carpets of the world.


Comprehensive Services & Exquisite Rug Selection

Beyond our exquisite rug selection, we are committed to a comprehensive approach to marketing by offering a range of services such as appraisal, design coherence, search and brokerage, cleaning, and restoration.

Our vast collection includes Persian, Turkish, European, Modern, and Oriental rugs that showcase unique designs. We offer a diverse range of sizes, from room-sized to area rugs, ensuring that our customers find the perfect piece for their home or office. Each rug in our collection is handmade, displaying a remarkable combination of colors and artistry.

Captivating Rugs: Timeless Beauty, Diverse Designs

Our inventory features both contemporary and antique reproduction rugs, encompassing European, Oriental, and Persian designs. Our antique-style rugs are woven using natural dyes and handspun wool, capturing the essence of carpets crafted long ago. At Nashville Fine Rugs, you can expect to find a diverse array of designs, spanning both traditional and contemporary styles and a wide variety of sizes to suit any home.

We invite you to visit our store, conveniently located across from The Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our fine rugs firsthand.